August 31, 2015

Beta Omicron Alumni Chapter selected as Alumni Chapter of the Year

Written by Star & Lamp

Beta Omicron (Northwestern State) alumni have been a model for other chapters for a number of years now, but it wasn't always like this.

Their desire to set a good example for the undergraduates is evident. "Beta Omicron Chapter alumni are motivated by the desire to pay it forward, creating a better experience for our students. It's that simple," alumni chapter President Lane Luckie said. "These uncommon opportunities continue beyond college, so that true commitment to lifelong brotherhood means being an involved alumnus. At the same time, I think many of our alumni keep the 1980s, when our chapter went dormant, in the back of their minds. They want to make sure we're doing everything possible to support our student members in paving a pathway to success. Learning from the past."

Pic of Founders BOSince the chapter's re-founding in early 2000, the alumni have modeled the way, not only for the undergraduates, but alumni across the country. Over the years they have worked on digitizing their archives, offering scholarships to students and organizing an annual house improvement project, among other events and reunions. Currently they are gearing up for next year's observance of the 60th anniversary since their original 1956 chartering. If their recent endeavors are any indication, this event is sure to be quite the celebration. This is the second such award for the Beta Omicron alumni chapter in three years and with good reason. They continue to have a highly engaged alumni base of volunteers and many who contribute in their own way to not only help the undergraduates, but also provide a meaningful alumni experience.


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